Of Myth And Legend
The Building of Coal Country Radio
In Memory Of Robert B. Harvit
1938 - 2008
    In September of 1971, I hired in at WBTH-AM, Williamson, WV as the Engineer. They had gotten fined under the previous Engineer. I know this for my father worked with his father at Houdialle Industries in Huntington, WV. I was supposed to go to work there, but I didn't. Much to the dismay of my family.
Strange how things work out. The former Engineer then actually worked with MY dad.

'BTH was my first 'real' job as I was fresh out of trade school. (For some dumb reason I didn't want to go to WV Tech) I wanted this job to work out.

For two years nothing was said to me about the ongoing FM case with the FCC. I had no clue! But then things changed. We had an FCC inspection again.The inspector spent nearly an hour with Bob Harvit, owner and manager and all were smiling as they came out of Bob's office. Relief for me, I thought, no new fine! Then Bob called me in the office alone. He started the conversation by saying "Thank You". I was all smiles! On his desk was an orange file folder. He picked it up and simply said to me "Build it"! Followed quickly by "I hope !" As I opened the file he began to tell me of the FM station. A dream that he had held onto for years.....

PART  1    The Orange File

PART  2    The Next Day

PART  3    So We Try Again

PART  4    50 Pounds in A One Pound Bag

PART  5    The Glow

PART  6    Bring On The 901 !

PART  7   New Station, New Bosses, New Trouble

      By Harold L. Cremeans
Chief Engineer - Harvit Broadcasting